Vancouver City Council Approves up to eight Homes on single-family lots

Gentle densification through the expanded development of multiplex residential structures will now be permitted across much of Vancouver’s single-family neighbourhoods city-wide.

During Thursday’s public hearing, Vancouver City Council unanimously approved City of Vancouver staff’s multiplex framework of “Adding Missing Middle Housing and Simplifying Regulations” — a policy direction that originated from a member motion from the previous makeup of City Council.

This will enable homeowners and builders to construct a strata ownership multiplex of up to four units on a standard single-family lot, up to five units on a mid-size single-family lot, and up to six units on a larger single-family lot.
The general idea is that these homes will be relatively more affordable than single-family detached houses.

For larger strata multiplexes with a floor area ratio (FAR) density in excess of a floor area that is 0.7 times larger than the size of the lot, the project would be subject to paying the municipal government a fixed-rate density bonus contribution fee or allocating one unit for below-market ownership at a 50% discount of market price for middle-income households.

Up to eight units would be permitted on a single-family lot if all units are used for secured purpose-built market rental housing.